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Femto-second cataract surgery

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Nick Maycock - Femto second cataract surgery

The femtosecond laser is able to perform certain stages of the cataract procedure, allowing greater accuracy and precision which is important for achieving the best refractive outcomes. The laser is able to:

  • make perfectly formed and positioned corneal incisions which allows more precise astigmatism control (including lower levels of astigmatism vs standard manual surgery) and safer surgery due to a more stable corneal incision with a reduced risk of postoperative complications and infection.
  • make a perfectly centred opening of the lens capsule (capsulorrhexis) which allows better centration of intraocular lens implant. This is critical for the optimal performance of toric and presbyopia-correcting intraocular lens implants.
  • fragment the cataract by cleaving it into small segments which are then easier to remove using less phacoemulsification energy and less surgical time in the eye.

FS lasers operate in the near-infrared spectrum with ultra-short pulse frequencies (10-15 secs). They work by delivering tiny packets of precise energy to a very accurate, specific point in the tissue. This causes photodisruption and separation of the tissue without any damage to the surrounding cells. At LaserVision, we use the Zeimer Z8 FS-laser which is the lowest energy FS laser available. This results in a more accurate treatment, using less energy and consequently an even lower risk of side-effects or complications. Whilst offering many advantages, femtosecond laser assisted cataract surgery has not been shown to carry any additional risk compared to standard cataract surgery.

During the femtosecond procedure, it is normal to feel some pressure and for your vision to go blurred / dark as the laser works. This usually lasts a few seconds. The remainder of the cataract surgery is then completed over the next few minutes.

If you have any questions regarding cataract surgery / femtosecond laser assisted cataract surgery, please get in touch.

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